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Jetrest, Cabin Seating System

In 1994 Cascade Designs developed its lumbar and base cushions for commercial aviation under the brand name Jestrest. The products feature a self-inflating/active cushion. Today there are upwards of 50,000 units in operation with some of the world's leading airlines.

Our Jetrest range of cushions incorporates features to provide personalised selfregulated comfort, controlled pressure venting for cabin decompression and meets FR approval.

Jetrest is designed to reduce seating pressure points thus increasing the user's comfort. The design addresses economy class syndrome (ECS) and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The cushions are custom designed to give adjustability and a personalised interactive seat.

Jetrest control options are highly versatile and available as a direct operation, whereby the passenger operates the cushion-mounted valve and remote manual operation, the traditional route where the cushion is remotely operated by cable with the push button mounted where the passenger expects it to be - in the armrest. This is suitable for all cushioning options.

All valves regardless of their design have two standard features. The decompression feature vents excessive air pressure from the cushion in a safe and controlled manner in the event of cabin decompression. This means the passenger is not subjected to the discomfort of an over-inflated cushion, while the integrity of the cushion itself is protected. Meanwhile an auto-bleed feature allows the partially deflated cushion to return to its original shape after the passenger has vacated the seat. As well as preserving the life of the seat it also saves personnel time in reinflating the seat cushions after each flight.

The Jetrest is an enhanced comfort system for installation in all cabin classes of airline seating. The cushion system can be designed to fit any seat, and is suitable for both new and retrofit seating programmes.