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How It works

SkyLounger Cabin Sleeping System

In 1997 Cascade Designs pioneered the development of the world’s first customised self inflating aircraft cabin mattress to fit all aircraft models under the brand Skylounger. To date there are in excess of 25,000 units in service.

Our well established customers include aircraft manufacturers, interior design companies and aircraft handlers as well as individual owners.

About Our Product

The Skylounger is lightweight and can be rolled up into a customised equipment bag and stored in a fraction of the space of a conventional sleeping unit. The underside is custom contoured to match the top surface of the users preferred seat configuration which ensures a flat top surface for sleeping.

We design and manufacture for single, double and divan units.

To operate, open the valves, the mattress will self inflate in minutes. By closing the valves, the air is trapped inside the foam maintaining structural integrity. An electric pump can be provided as an accessory to assist with inflation and deflation.

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  • Compatability – customised design to fit any aircraft model.
  • Flexibility – customised to any seat configuration.
  • Stowability – minimal volume when deflated.
  • Lightweight – approx weight (single = 15lbs, double = 22lbs).
  • Easy to use – user-friendly set up.
  • Comfort & Stability – self regulated comfort.
  • Longevity – decompression valve fitted.
  • Reliability – 2 year warranty and over 25 years of product history.

  • Value – the most competitive price on the market.

Aircraft Models List

  • Gulfstream G500
  • Gulfstream G550
  • Gulfstream G600
  • Gulfstream G650
  • Bombardier Challanger
  • Bombardier Global
  • Bombardier Learjet
  • Boeing BBJ
  • Dassault Falcon
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